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I would apply the photo to this letter that you could recollect me! and no scam proof yet..she appears on other sites being blacklisted already so I´m positive to receive something tangible very soon. and as for me, I think that a real friend is the person, who is ready to make one step back, just to let you go farther... we can ruin our dreams and goals, if we want to help someone... even if you do not have such a friend, i do think that your woman, your wife can be a real friend for you and i do hope that i will be such a friend for you.

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The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. On web site acquaintances I have specified other country. Internet- such a small world, where more and more people seem to find the one and only. as for me, i also have one more simple dream- i wanna be sitting next to my beloved man on the sofa, cuddling each other and watching TV, drinking wine and eating chocolate- that is my dream! it's really a great pleasure to know you better and better... when i am in good mood i listen to catchy and dynamic music, and when I feel not very well, when my heart is aching, or I feel lonely, I listen to tearjecking and romantic music... One of last films which I have looked it " Sleepless in Seattle ". From adventure films it " Pirates of the Caribbean ".

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge or permission to deceive their victims and steal their money. When I used the country Russia that my structure at once deleted. Now there is one important thing left- to find him. Tell me more about yourself- why have you decided to search for love over here in the internet? unfortunately sometimes, even such small dreams can not easily come true. yours Tanya --03-- Hello my darling xxx, thank you a lot for your letter. and dear, as for me, i can tell you that my favourite colour is red... When I read you letter I feel very similar to you and I am very glad that I have such an opportunity to know you better. It though also old, but very kind film, whether not so?

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She sent me the exact same letter that she sent to another guy.

Now I have more free time and is ready to correspondence with you! t=8796" onclick=";return false; t=8226" onclick=";return false;, ... f=18&t=484" onclick=";return false; f=66" onclick=";return false; From: [email protected]: Subject: Hello!!! And I have followed her advice and now I have got acquainted with you. I hope that we will be able to establish warm and honest relations! I am a person with very sensitive heart, I am very kind girl. : O) we have the same world-views and that's why it's very interesting to communicate... You never reflected on how it's surprising what we are for many thousand kilometres from each other and we can communicate? Yes, certainly I knew, that such is possible, but never faced with such personally. Probably we start to forget that such good, honour, compassion?

If you too want to know me closer that I about impatience I shall wait for your letters! Actually, i would move my own post into Pending, since there is no use of The Bat! lz=1I7DKUS" onclick=";return false; same IP ,.. :-)) : 1.0 boundary---------CA3BB9272D09F8" Hello!!! As you already know, my name is Tanya, the full name is Tatyana. I love my friends very much and I think that they are my real friends, who are ready to give the hand of support in every situation, and in difficult minute they are ready to be near me... Do you have such a friend whom you can trust like me??? After all two hundred years ago we could not be familiar and have with you possibility to communicate. I am grateful to the Internet that could get acquainted with such person as you!

Marina Goldovanskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)Hi, my name is Brian, I am a single man of 40, divorced, well educated and enjoy above average employment.

I am well traveled, enjoy a variety of activities, but still searching for that someone.


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