Updating portage cache

Following extensive testing of clamav and the packages that use it in the backports repository, they may be updated to a newer version.

Package management is probably the most distinctive feature of any Linux distribution.

Get access to well names, well locations, well API numbers and recent U.

Sign in (with your @account, of course) and you'll get an "Edit" button at the top of the page.Additionally, the package management tools tend to evolve, with new features and even new commands added to every new version.This is why we created this package management cheatsheet - an easy reference card covering most frequently used package management tasks in Linux distributions and Free BSD.That includes new developers who are interested in the project and who simply want to browse through the Chromium OS code, as well as developers who have been working on Chromium OS for a long time.This guide describes the common tasks required to develop Chromium OS.Bias towards action: This document provides an overview of the tasks required to develop Chromium OS.


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