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It then starts to prepare your library to transition to Photos.

If you are not sure about putting all of your pictures into i Cloud Photo Library, you can always set that up later under Photos’s Preferences from the menu bar; it’s optional and never required unless you want automatic, cloud-based syncing.

Your old photo libraries will still stay on your Mac if you decide you want to use i Photo or Aperture for doing something.

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So it sounds like something may be wrong with your configuration of Bridge, or your system.Those you want to get rid of and they are marked with the description "thumbnail" and can easily be deleted the same way as the duplicates.Thumbnail Annihilator is included in the Duplicate Annihilator package that you can download from this site.Here’s how to migrate your photo library to the new Photos app from i Photo or Aperture, both of which will no longer receive support for software updates going forward: After pressing Get Started in the blue box as seen above, you have two different options.If you are brand new to photo organizing on a Mac and have never used i Photo or Aperture before, (or if you don’t want to migrate your i Photo or Aperture library to Photos), you have the option to import pictures from your digital camera or SD card, drag files directly into Photos, import pictures from the File menu or turn on i Cloud Photo Library under preferences.Apple’s latest app Photos is now available for free as part of OS X 10.10.3 for Mac.


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