Validating drop down list

I have a drop down list on a page, by default the option that is displayed is 'Please Select One'.

To create a drop down list in Excel 2010, you can name a list of items, based on a named Excel table.

Then click OK button, now, when you click the drop down list cells, the first data item always displayed at the top whether there are cell values deleted at the end of the source data, see screenshot: Here, I can also introduce a VBA code which can help you to show the first item in the drop down list automatically when you click the data validation cells.1.

After inserting the drop down list, select the worksheet tab which contains the drop down list, and right click to choose View Code from the context menu to go to the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window , and then copy and paste the following code into the Module: Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) 'Updateby Extendoffice 20160725 Dim x Formula As String On Error Go To Out: x Formula = Target.

Watch the steps in this short video, and the written instructions are below the video Instead of referring to a list of items on the worksheet, you can type the list in the Source box, separated by commas.

For example: Yes, No, Maybe Notes: To allow users to also type items that are not in the list, remove the check mark to turn off the Error Alert.


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